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Recording of messages and voices for call centers

Call  Center

Services we provide:

The welcome messages with interactive menus of answers are the best letter of presentation of any company, therefore it must be realized PROFESSIONALLY taking into account the tone of voice and the musical choice.

WELCOME MESSAGE FOR CALL CENTER: or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems with interactive response menu in the telephone exchange. It is the best presentation letter of any company ... so it must be done professionally taking into account the tone of voice and the musical choice. It is very important that the client clearly hear the name and slogan of the place to which it was communicated, as well as the most used and important annexes.

ADVERTISING IN TELEPHONE WAITING: Companies are increasingly using a dynamic message in which they inform the customer of their services, offers, promotions or simply invite them to follow online ... they are small informative paragraphs with musical background (intercalated or not) that Accompany the waiting of the client. 

NIGHT MESSAGE: It is essential not to lose customers, even if calls are made outside of business hours. In this type of messages you are invited to call within these hours or you are offered alternative telephone numbers or the possibility to send a fax or leave a message.

BILINGUAL MESSAGE: Many companies choose to use bilingual messages because it allows them to open doors to other markets ... we recorded in ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and now with the boom of the trade with CHINA ... we also recorded in CHINESE MANDARIN .

TELEPHONE ADVERTISING: For your customers; Several companies use this alternative tool and have significantly increased their sales.

All the works, we do with an integral production that consists of a musicalization (according to bookstores) or a unique music and developed especially for your company and professional locution is at the highest level.

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035 (SR) ENG - SPA

018 (RR) SPA - ENG

035 (SR) ENG - SPA

023 (LS) SPA - ENG

024 (MB) SPA - ENG

041 (VL) ENG

038 (MP) ING

038(MP) ESP

039 (GP) ENG - SPA

021 (GC) ENG

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